Adam Travers

"My degree added to and expanded my current knowledge and skillset"
About my career

The BSc (Hons) in Information and Communications is an IT based degree with a variety of units, which meant that while I was already accustomed to some areas, I would be introduced to other sub-disciplines throughout the three year programme. My degree added to and expanded my current knowledge and skillset, which gave me the skills to progress with my career. I also worked while studying, coincidently for MMU in a HelpDesk capacity, which looked great on my CV and meant I could apply practical knowledge and skills from the course to the job.

My first job after graduating was as at Manchester Central Convention Centre, working as an Information Systems Assistant which I found being advertised on the University jobs website. I did embark upon a PGCE after my first job, but decided to return to the private sector and now work for the NCC Group plc as a Software Verification Consultant.

In my career, while I do use the technical knowledge I gained from my degree, I found that the people skills I learnt are just as important; talking to others, be it individuals or groups, and amending your style to the particular audience that is in front of you is necessary for the working world. I would advise current students to work on their public speaking and negotiating skills. It is important to be able to work through issues or problems, striving through resolution and hard work without forgetting to keep abreast of current developments in their particular field.

My top tip for students is…

Start looking for graduate jobs early, put the feelers out there, send a few enquiries, fill in a few applications and hopefully you will be invited for interview before graduation. This gives you good experience whether you get the job or not, building your confidence for when you do graduate. Treat the whole process as a learning curve too (from filling in the forms, getting phone interviews, meeting one-to-one, to getting that rejection letter - you may not get the first few jobs you apply for).

I’m inspired by…

All of the departmental staff, but a special mention goes to Seamus Simpson who mentored me during my dissertation. He gave me critically honest feedback and he, plus Johnathon Willson and Richard Eskins, helped me to realise my academic potential.

Why I love Manchester Met

The course, the department, the University was a clash of cultures (in the best way possible) in terms of meeting of minds and philosophies and backgrounds in terms of students and staff. It was a cauldron and hive of learning and sharing of experiences.