Ali Mohammad

"Completing my placement was extremely useful to further my knowledge of the British education system"
About my career

I came to Manchester as a refugee from Iraq, where I was a geography teacher. I came to the University through the "Refugee Teacher" programme sponsored by the UK government to help teachers, such as myself, to engage with the UK education system. I enrolled onto the BA (Hons) Education top up degree, as my qualification from Iraq did not match the UK degree system; through this time, I was self-employed to support myself. The course gave me the confidence to pursue my Master’s degree and study educational research. I then returned to Kurdistan-Iraq, where a Kurdish university offered me a job as a lecturer, I’m currently trying to keep my strong education links with MMU from Kurdistan.

The BA course helped me to gain great knowledge of the education system here, showing me how to research education sectors and gave me more confidence to go further in my career. Completing my placement was extremely useful to further my knowledge of the British education system and its principles.

My top tip for students is…

Students can gain great knowledge and have the opportunity to develop their skills as much as possible. The BA (Hons) Education course is a great starting point for your future, keep going!

I’m inspired by…

Everyone at the University were great, specifically Rowena Smith. I’ll never forget her encouragement and leadership. She was a great person for support on the course.

Why I love Manchester Met

It is a great, friendly learning environment at all levels, from the lecturers to the support staff. Discussions with other students during the class time where great!