Alice Wright

"The University exposed me to a wide variety of different mediums, which shaped me into who I am today"
About my career

While studying my BA (Hons) in Contemporary Arts, specialising in Drama, I did work experience at CNN in Hong Kong, the summer between my second and third year. This influenced my career choices and so after I graduated, I undertook a yearlong placement in digital arts with the Albany Theatre. This experience was incredibly valuable: it introduced me to the professional industry of broadcast, media and the arts – which is very different to studying! This influenced my future career choices so as when I returned to university, l was able to refocus my plans in order to achieve my goals.

After graduating, I completed a one-year apprenticeship in digital arts, where l gained skills in camera operating, editing and digital effects. This led to my first job as a Broadcast Assistant for independent production house 18 Doughty Street, who specialise in online broadcast.

Having an analytical approach to work and research is one of the most useful tools l learned while at the University. Studying contemporary arts gave me the opportunity to learn how to deconstruct, analyse, form an opinion and articulately express it: something l use every day in my career.

Working in communications and media, I have found it is imperative to be able to change your writing style to suit different audiences. Getting this right can be the difference in having a campaign that is effective and engaging, or completely missing the mark. I would recommend current students practise this skill as much as possible.

The University exposed me to a wide variety of different mediums, which shaped me into who I am today. Being able to experiment with writing, performance, technology and so many other forms of expression in a safe and encouraging environment meant that l learnt which fields l could really excel in, so as I could make considered choices about my career.

My top tip for students is…

Don’t be afraid to try something different. Even if you decide it’s not for you – all experience is valuable and will be seen that way by a future employer. Also – invest in at least one great interview outfit! You might wear it a few times in the first few weeks after graduating!

I’m inspired by…

My fellow alumni and friend Luke Shelley has always been an inspiration to me. We graduated together and he started working in an unpaid job with ITV's This Morning. Despite challenging circumstances, he never gave up and is now a Producer. His determination and attitude inspired me then and still does, every day!

Why I love Manchester Met

The University gave me the freedom to discover my passions and the tools to support and explore it.