Antonia Shevlin

"I received tremendous support from my tutors and they helped me bring out the best in me, both academically and personally."
About my career

After completing my degree, I was given the opportunity to undertake an 6-month internship within the First Generation Team at Manchester Metropolitan. The internship was extended to work within the Recruitment Events team, managing the Student Ambassador Scheme (that I was a part of myself during my degree) and helping plan the visit days for applicants.

During my studies I had the opportunity to take part mentoring scheme alongside the course with one of my tutors. I also had the opportunity to study abroad in Switzerland as part of a two-week summer school representing the university. This experience allowed me to exchange knowledge of educational systems across the world, which has helped me in my current role advising international students on entry requirements. It provided me to learn and experience different cultures and educational procedures and policies. Taking part in placements or study abroad opportunities provide a unique experience to learn first-hand about what is expected of you out in the real world, and to experience what the job is like and what barriers people face during their time in education. 

From working as a Student ambassador alongside my course and undertaking the Talent Match Internship, I knew that I wanted to help recruit the next generation of students so they can have the amazing opportunities and support I received here. I applied and interviewed for a Recruitment and Admissions Assistant, and was successful. 

My main responsibilities involve responding to prospective students enquires about studying at the university and advising on the application process,  finance, entry requirements and student life for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Within this role, I have the opportunity to advise potential students and applicants over the phone, through email and in person at open events. My other main responsibilities include administration making sure our course information is up-to-date on our systems in order to provide correct and useful information to applicants. This involves liaising with numerous of departments, including outreach, events, marketing and academics.

Since finishing my undergraduate, I have completed my Masters in Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan. As part of my role within Course Enquiries I am continuously undergoing training on new systems and changes in polices as part of my professional development and to develop my career not only within Higher Education but also with the University. 

My top tip for students is…

Proof read your application, undertake research about your potential employer - how can you make a difference to them? Prepare for your interview by keeping up to date about the changes and challenges that are connected to your career, think about how you could make a difference. Develop persistence and determination the right job will be waiting for you. All you need is the courage to keep applying. Work hard, strive hard and take advantage of the services and support available to you

What skills gained at University have you used most in your career?

My degree gave me the confidence and leadership skills to put myself out there to strive to do something that I am passionate about. I received tremendous support from my tutors and they helped me bring out the best in me, both academically and personally. I would not be here today working with an amazing team if it was not for their support.

Applying for a searching for the right university can be a difficult decision, having received such great support, empathy and guidance from my tutors and learning about what education means to people, I knew that this role was right for me.

Throughout my degree, my tutors gave me the chance to take part in amazing opportunities, such as mentoring students and advising them on aiming high to get to university, creating fun and creative activities to inspire young people to strive to make the most of their education. Working on these projects provided me a great basis for life in the work place working closely with members of not only my team but with the wider teams too. 

Why I love Manchester Met

My favourite part about studying my degree has to be the passionate tutors who made learning fun and providing vast opportunities to get involved with. They made what could potentially be quite challenging topics invigorating and exciting. Their ongoing support made it easy to ask questions, get involved and take part in some terrific projects that helped many potential students.  With this department you don’t just get the course you get the family behind the course. Tutors go out of their way to be there to guide and support both academically and personally. University is a time to grow and develop and my tutors provided me with many and various opportunities to do just that. From creating and delivering lessons in am engaging way, to undertaking vital research in collaboration with students from all years and academic staf, and presenting the findings at conferences across the country.