Christian Kastner

"The studies gave me confidence to be myself, to leave my comfort zone, try new things, and to practice coaching. I started a weekly leadership video blog on LinkedIn because of my studies."
About my career

I work as a Sales Director in a SME for mechanical engineering products, focusing on the international business mainly in Europe, CIS, Australia and South America. My daily activities are full of sales-related activities including coaching, field visits, establishing new contacts and organisations - a mixture of consulting, leadership and sales.

My top tip for students is…

Connect with people directly via LinkedIn and connect with your fellow students.

I’m inspired by…

The Leader and Leadership Practice module was very self-refectory course, together with the MBTI and ECA-test it “forced” you to think about many things – exactly what I looked for.  It helped me to reflect on 15 years of Leadership practice and understand the latest academic research. Dr Linda Alker was brilliant with her staff to lead us through this.

Why I love Manchester Met

The Library, staff, the interaction with fellow students, in addition to the programme content.