Christopher Bennetts

"The broader the collection of skills you have, the more applicable you are to a range of jobs"
About my career

I graduated in 2008 with a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and I particularly enjoyed the course content because it was much more abstract than maths courses at other institutions. After getting my A-level results, my maths teacher asked me to consider the MMU maths course because it was far more to do with real life than proof theory. I am highly grateful to my maths teacher for this piece of advice and because the course at MMU allowed students to consider real life problems and solutions, which made for an easy transition into the workplace.

My first job after graduating from MMU was as a Business Analyst for CIGNA International based in Glasgow. I didn’t undertake a placement because I worked throughout my university years developing business intelligence applications for AXA, which provided me with the necessary experience to take on my first role at CIGNA. However, I would encourage students to undertake a work placement because having some form of work experience under your belt in a relevant field is highly beneficial. It is from the BSc (Hons) Mathematics course at MMU and my first post at Glasgow that I now find myself in Australia as a Senior Business Analyst at one of the largest mining companies in the world

My top tip for students is…

Get as much experience in as many different fields as possible. If you get an opportunity to try something new, take it. The broader the collection of skills you have, the more applicable you are to a range of jobs. Over the years, I have gained exposure to accountancy, financial and business management, HR, public relations and stakeholder engagement. I have never interviewed and not got the role and I attribute this to the range of applicable skills I have gained since graduating. Having the ability to think effectively across a range of different fields makes you a highly valuable asset to any company. 

I’m inspired by…

Dr Lida Nejad and Dr Steven Lynch were two inspirational lecturers that particularly contributed to my great university experience and were both instrumental in my success during my studies. Dr Lynch was extremely helpful and very open to spending extra time outside of lectures to help students having difficulty with certain topics, and Dr Nejad made my lessons fun and engaging; she pushed us to the limits of our knowledge. This drove me to always do my best and this is a valuable lesson I still hold with me in my current career.

Why I love Manchester Met

The course content was perfect for the areas I was interested in. The course offered huge amounts of variation and the environment was excellent for studying.