Daniel Patel

"The balance between study and play was great"
About my career

I always had an interest in cars and how they worked, even before I could drive. I wanted to know why, if you put your foot on the accelerator, you moved forwards.

I made the trip across the Pennines from my home in Leeds to MMU, having been impressed by the resources and facilities at the University. The tutors were switched on and the Department of Engineering was impressive. I also liked the idea of being in the middle of the city.

It was brilliant being in the centre of Manchester as university life and the social side moved along together seamlessly. The balance between study and play was great. I had the encouragement from the School to work hard and I was close to the city centre and all the action.

The course itself answered my questions and a lot more. The first two years gave a breadth of experience before the final year concentrated on the automotive side in depth. If you asked a question, the tutors spent a lot of time and went in to detail giving all the background information that helped us understand it more.

That year of doing the specialist work, such as vehicle design and aerodynamics, has given me knowledge that I use all the time now. It really helped me when I came to Jaguar Land Rover.

The work is great at Jaguar Land Rover and I am currently working as a Lead Engineer. The only thing I struggled with at first was the early mornings – starting at 7 o’clock in the morning was a bit of a shock!

My top tip for students is…

Work hard, but also enjoy the student lifestyle!

I’m inspired by…

My Dad who has always pushed me to aim to be number one, but also the people who I work with, some of the innovative things we are working on right now is incredible, and at times, mind blowing.

Why I love Manchester Met