David Cregg

"Having my degree supported my professional experience and enhanced my job applications"
About my career

I found that a majority of roles in the tourism industry stipulated a degree was a requirement and that even though I had ten years of management experience, it was difficult to have this recognised at the application stage when applying for jobs. Having my degree from Manchester Metropolitan University supported my professional experience and enhanced my applications.

After graduating, I obtained a position as a sales and marketing agent for Portland Holidays, and was able to progress within the marketing department through recognition of my abilities and experience. I have used many of the skills I gained while at the University, particularly management skills. Time management is crucial for meeting deadlines, while people skills are important in the work place, particularly motivational techniques for sales departments and good communication skills – this will either make or break how well you work with your colleagues. I also find that the IT skills I learnt while studying prepared me for adapting to the on-going developments in computer systems, which are now crucial in today’s workplace.

My top tip for students is…

That time management is important. If you can manage your time, you should be able to complete comfortably many of your tasks. Also, be prepared to accept a job that allows progression and growth with the same company. Use contacts and departments within the company to showcase your abilities and strengths. This will increase your chance of progressing within the company via different opportunities, as well as allowing you to gain experience and new skills.

I’m inspired by…

Being a mature student, I had pre-set ideals when studying; however, the lecturers helped to awaken different ideas and open new debates, which inspired me to succeed.

Why I love Manchester Met

Studying and taking part in a number of  practical exercises provided me with the experience and confidence to do the job in hand.