Drew Unwin

"The friends you make on your course later turn out to be great connections in the industry"
About my career

During my degree, I did a one year placement at Marks & Spencer. I worked over four departments and was given so much hands on training that complimented what I was learning in the class room.

After graduating, I interned for a womenswear designer in New York for three months. On returning to the UK, I moved to London to intern for a menswear designer.

I then took an opportunity introduced to me by friends in the industry to work with a menswear tailoring brand which is the job I still hold today. I started as a stylist and have worked my way up to creative manager.

The tailoring module in my final year really helped with my current job as it taught me the fundamentals of tailoring. It is this skill, alongside pattern cutting that are by far the skills I use most in my career.

I wished I had spent more time getting to know the CAD system, as it is widely used in the industry – and would recommend current students get a firm grasp of this while they are studying. Also, the friends you make on your course later turn out to be great connections in the industry.

My top tip for students is…

Do as many internships as possible as this is the best way to learn while still working within the industry. It's a good way to get an overview of the industry as you will be doing a variety of jobs within a company.

I’m inspired by…

All the technicians who were amazing and were always there to help. Also, Dott who taught me tailoring who made learning a pleasure, Delma and Sarah, who taught me pattern cutting and garment technology – they are second to none!

Why I love Manchester Met

The technicians: they were so much help and were the closest thing to family during my time at the University, especially Marie, Bob and Julie.