Georgina Burrows

"Staff at Manchester Met are keen to support both the holistic and academic progress of students. "
About my career

My first job after graduating from Man Met was as a Teacher of Science at Buile Hill Visual Arts College – I applied for this during my PGCE in Secondary Science. Currently, I am a Lead Teacher of Initial Teacher Training at Rumworth School. A school for children and young adults with special educational needs and disabilities. 

The skills and knowledge learnt in my undergraduate degree have been applicable to understanding child behaviour which is essential in teaching. I enjoyed Psychology topics the most that ran thoroughout my degree around human behaviour

Since I've graduated my undergrad, I have studied in PGCE Secondary Science, an NASENCo, Professional Mentor training and relevant conferences and I'm currently working towards an MA in Education to develop my career. 

My top tip for students is…

My top tip is don’t be scared to research a job or job prospect that you’re interested in. When you’ve researched don’t be afraid to ask if you can become involved with some work experience around the potential career that you’ve chosen. It helps to get your face “out there” and to build connections whilst working out if the career path is right for you. Always ask questions… always! 

I’m inspired by…

Mike Hayes – Biological and Biomedical Psychology Lecturer – I always found his lectures to be so interesting and appropriate. I still keep in touch with Mike now even after 5 years!

Jane Martindale – PGCE senior lecturer. Jane guided me successfully through my PGCE year and offered advice whenever I needed it. Jane was always keen to support me in whatever way that she could and she is someone that I still turn to now for advice around teaching and career progression.

Dennis Piper – NASENCo lecturer – Dennis always offered sound and constructive advice around becoming a SENCO. Dennis had a wealth of experience and it was clear that he has a genuine passion and interest in supporting children with SEND.

Caroline Dawson (my colleague) – I met Caroline Dawson during my first post as a teacher where she was on secondment at the school. Caroline inspired me to consider SEND teaching after analysing my strengths and weaknesses over my Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) year. Caroline took the position as an Assistant Headteacher at Rumworth school and a few years later I also applied at the school and was successful in gaining a position as a science teacher. Since starting at Rumworth School Caroline has been my line manager and has encouraged me to apply for promoted posts within the school enabling me to join the leadership team. Caroline is an outstanding teacher and school leader which is something I aspire to be one day. 

Why I love Manchester Met

Staff at Manchester Met are keen to support both the holistic and academic progress of students.