Guido Mangani

"University gives you the time and space to develop how you want"
About my career

While I was at MMU, I wanted to experience different cultures and thanks to the University, I was able to spend a year studying in the Deep South of the US. That year abroad opened my eyes to the possibilities around the world and gave me the confidence to go and get what I wanted out of a career. University really does give you the time and space to develop how you want.

After graduating, I worked for Blue Orchid after being offered the job at an employment training course run by Blue Orchid in conjunction with MMU. Initially the post was a temporary position, but was then made permanent for me so I spent three great years there. I learnt not just about the public/private collaborative industry, but also about my own strengths and weaknesses. It was a great foundation for me. I have been lucky that the two companies I have worked for since graduating have offered industry specific qualifications to help me in my role. I would encourage all graduates to find out which types of training any potential employer is offering. 

The time spent at university offers students all types of opportunities, from an internship in the industry you would like to work in, to personal development opportunities that will help you become more rounded and, subsequently, more employable. Social skills are probably the most important skills that students and recent graduates can utilise, no matter where you go looking to build a career. Professionalism and hard work are equally as important – it may be that your first job won’t be what you want to do forever, but if you approach it like it is your dream job, you will have a work ethic that will be valuable in anything you choose to do.

My top tip for students is…

Applying for jobs, particularly graduate jobs, is a job in itself. Try and figure out which industry you would like to go into and the type of role you would like, avoid spreading yourself too thin with the application process and concentrate on roles that interest you.

I’m inspired by…

Alan Davies my old high-school teacher.

Why I love Manchester Met

My university experience gave me the time and freedom to try new things, make some mistakes but ultimately become responsible and take control of my life and where it was heading.