Jaclyn Dawn Lawrence

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"My time at Manchester Met helped me become an author by giving me the safe space and support I needed to write my debut novel"
About my career

Before Manchester Metropolitan, I had a professional writing degree and was a freelance technical writer and online business communications instructor in Alberta, Canada. In order to teach on campus, I needed an MA. I had always loved creative writing and dreamed of travelling to England, so I applied for the online program at Manchester Met. Not only did I end up teaching on campus here in Canada, but I went on an unforgettable backpacking trip that included attending my graduation in Manchester. 

I am still a freelance technical writer and business communications instructor, taking on contracts, clients, and classes that pique my interest and are compatible with my schedule. However, now I am also a published author. The novel I wrote for my dissertation The Inquirer will be released 1st October 2019 by NeWest Press. 

My top tip for students is…

My advice to graduates of the creative writing program is to break your goal into bite-sized pieces and savour each along the way. 

Which skills gained at Man Met have you used most in your career so far?

As a writer of any kind, the ability to develop a clear, compelling storyline, to take and use criticism strategically, and to edit are pivotal to success. Manchester Met honed these skills, and I use them in all of my roles. My time at University helped me become an author by giving me the safe space and support I needed to write my debut novel and by preparing me for the querying and publication process with information and practice exercises. 

Why I love Manchester Met

Manchester Met challenged me to turn my creative writing hobby into – well – a hobby I share publicly.