Jen Cockerill

"I loved working with friends, acquaintances, and lecturers during my time at Manchester Met"
About my career

Prior to university, I was in full-time employment and knew that it wasn't a career. I knew that I wanted to work in media, preferably radio production and felt obtaining a degree would create more job opportunities once I had graduated.

I had no web design or building experience prior to studying the BSc (Hons) in Digital Media and Communications. During my studies, I continued to enjoy the Website Design module, which led me to wanting to pursue a career in this industry rather than wanting to work in radio production, as I initially thought. My Media Law module gave more insight into cybercrime, patents etc., and that furthered my interest in this sector.

I knew that I wanted to have a career within media and/or web, so near the end of my first year I researched graduate schemes, what degree classification I would need and companies’ application processes. I successfully gained an internship as a Web Developer at Magma Digital Ltd, after graduating. I contacted Magma Digital through Twitter, where I had cheekily asked through a tweet if they had any part-time vacancies or internships. This led to a telephone conversation with the MD who arranged an interview. I have now completed my internship and have stayed at Magma Digital as a Web Developer.

Since graduating I have used my front-end web design skills, which have been very beneficial to my career so far. Working with others on project and presentation work also allowed me to grow as a person and in confidence. Now I can work comfortably with others regardless of our experience. Working to tight deadlines at Manchester Met has allowed me to transfer this skill to real working life where deadlines are not extended.

My top tip for students is…

I would highly recommend attending the Talent Day, held in Manchester. Also, attending networking events or learning events that are actively promoted through Manchester Met are great ways to meet people in the industry, who are happy to share their experiences and advise you.

I’m inspired by…

Deirdre Hynes, Richard Eskins, Jonathan Willson and Ellie Shember-Critchley helped me at various points throughout my time at the University to achieve the highest grade possible. Without their support and guidance, my university experience would not have been as enjoyable or rewarding.

My employers also inspire me, Magma Digital Ltd, who was a positive driving force during my final months at MMU. They constantly raised the bar, enabling me to work to my best potential.

Why I love Manchester Met

I loved working with friends, acquaintances, and lecturers during my time at MMU.