Jeremy Smith

"I was fortunate enough to meet great people who I am still friends with today"
About my career

After graduating, I started temping while I decided what I wanted to do with my career. I went on to take an English language teaching qualification and started teaching in Taiwan ROC. Since then, I have moved into publishing and have worked my way up from my first job as an Editorial Assistant to my current role as a Publishing Manager, taking several editorial courses along the way to help progress my career.

Apart from having a degree in English, which is obviously relevant for a career in publishing, I acquired skills at the University that proved useful in my career. Critical thinking has been the most useful in the world of work, which I honed during my degree. I also have the ability to be both diplomatic and pragmatic. However, I think these two skills are generally learnt through experience, rather than acquired systematically.

While studying, I did some voluntary work which helped me to get into publishing. I think work experience is very valuable and can sometimes help you get a job much quicker than completing numerous job applications and attending endless interviews. It’s an on-the-job interview.

My top tip for students is…

Don’t be afraid to try lots of different jobs before focussing in on something. Don’t assume that specialising straight away is the best way to have a career – it can sometimes limit you. And a job that seems inconsequential at the time can sometimes be the one that gets you on the right path.

I’m inspired by…

My lecturers and my friends. They opened up possibilities in terms of the way I thought about the world which I hadn’t realised were open to me previously.

Why I love Manchester Met

On the academic side, I loved the subjects I studied, the lecturers who taught me and the freedom to discuss ideas that the student lifestyle afforded me. On the social side, I was fortunate enough to meet great people who I am still friends with today. And I have great memories of my time at MMU.