Jorge Gonzalez Berti

"The possibility of going back to MMU is always there"
About my career

Two months after graduating from the MSc in Geographical Information Science that is offered online through UNIGIS UK, I was able to get the GIS job I always wanted. I jumped from a Mapping Technician role to a GIS Technologist position because of my degree and my personal interest in the field of study. I'm currently taking a three month course on 'Mastering ArcGIS' in a local technical post-secondary school in Canada, in order to increase speed and performance at work.

The UNIGIS programme from MMU is completely up-to-date in terms of theory, practice and software used in today’s industry standards. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that some of the specialised geospatial management tools used in my course of studies are currently applied in my new job. The use of GIS software, the ability to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills are skills I honed as part of my degree which I now use in my current role.

Employers usually do not expect graduates to know everything but they do expect them to think ahead, ask questions and provide quality work. Working on the course assignments as early as possible and enjoying the course materials without feeling worried about the deadlines is a good practice that can be applied in the workplace.

My top tip for students is…

Being a recent graduate is a great opportunity and a great achievement for most people. Being enthusiastic and sincere about your level of understanding and promoting yourself as willing to accept the challenge of a career change, is always welcome by employers. It takes time, sometimes years, to get the right job. Fortunately, MMU’s doors are always open and the possibility of going back and improve is also there.

I’m inspired by…

A big 'Thank you' to Tracy McKenna, the Programme Administrator, for her constant support during my three years. In addition, I am thankful to Graham Smith, the Programme Director, who granted me admission to the programme.

Why I love Manchester Met

I appreciated the level of maturity of the lecturers at MMU and the high quality of their work. I was able to obtain a MSC at MMU while working full-time, raising two children, and living 6,800 km away from the University. It was not an easy task, but definitely feasible. MMU gave me the opportunity to prove myself and I did not take it for granted. Life is too short and we only live once!