Kayleigh O’Connor

"The most rewarding part of the whole course is when you see a trigger moment when a child understands what’s put in front of them"
About my career

I chose Manchester Metropolitan University because I knew it had a good reputation for education courses and numerous teachers I knew, who were already in the profession, had trained at Manchester Met. With these factors in mind, my decision to join the university was easy.

The course definitely prepared me for my career in education; the placements in particular have been helpful to understand what is expected and gifted me the opportunity to trial my techniques and see what works for me. As the placements are essentially learning on the job, it also gives you some great ideas and experience to take with you after graduation.

Juggling university work alongside placements is tough especially in the final year. Every year I think the university and their partnership schools make a conscious effort to step up your level of responsibility whilst on placement but it definitely helps you build up your level of confidence throughout; it’s really hard just standing up to teach so the incremental progression is fantastic and definitely increased my confidence.

There is a lot of variety throughout your study and it forces you to think about what aspect of education you want to go into and what type of teacher you are. The diversity of placement options also enables specialisation in specific areas such as a special educational needs and disability (SEND) focus.

Why I love Manchester Met

The tutors are helpful across the whole process but particularly when you are away from the university; they are always available and because the tutors are able to take an external view its refreshing to get a completely different perspective on an issue.