Laura-Michelle Chant

"All of the lecturers at the University who are approachable and friendly"
About my career

Through a lecturer at the University, I was able to gain an eight-month research placement with the Greater Manchester Police Major Incident Team that supported my research dissertation. While there, I successfully completed my thesis on same-sex domestic abuse.

During the end stage of my degree, I was offered a position for Her Majesty’s Prison Service where I worked as a Programme Facilitator in a Category B Prison. This position supported the psychology department in the delivery of accredited rehabilitation programmes based on a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy framework (aiming to reduce recidivism).

As part of my MSc I completed the CBT in an Offending Population Module and HCR-20 training and find I use the knowledge and skills I gained through both units in my role at present. I am now registered on Stage 2 of the Forensic Qualification with the BPS in order to become a Chartered Forensic Psychologist, while continuing my role as a Forensic Psychologist.

My top tip for students is…

The placement is not mandatory on the MSc Pathway, however there are opportunities for you to gain a placement in support of your research dissertation and I would highly advise this to other students. Forensic Psychology is a very competitive discipline, so gaining some form of voluntary work prior to, or during your studies will undoubtedly allow you to excel in both your coursework and experience. And don’t forget to network! Join relevant groups such as PsyPag or the BPS Committee and use the knowledge and advice of your lecturers to your advantage.

I’m inspired by…

All of the lecturers at the University who are approachable and friendly and who together have a wealth of knowledge to draw on. I was particularly inspired by Dr Keri Nixon – a very supportive, approachable and caring lecturer, Dr Clare Richardson – a motivational and creative lecturer and also Dr Peter Brennan who made quantitative research/statistics appealing!

Why I love Manchester Met

I loved studying in the heart of Manchester. Studying at post-graduate level provided me with more opportunities to develop my own research/professional interest (which was actively encouraged by my lecturers) and allowed me to grow in confidence and expand my knowledge of the discipline.