Leah McCalliog

"The emphasis MMU has on preparation for working in industry was incredibly beneficial"
About my career

As part of my degree, I undertook a placement year, which was with Puma in Germany. It helped me realise the career I wanted to end up in and allowed me to put everything I learnt into practice in industry. I learnt so much about working in fashion, plus I got to travel all over Europe and meet other students from around the world!

I really enjoyed the international marketing module in my final year, which in turn led me to a career in international marketing, rather than solely in the UK. After graduating, I was on the Abercrombie and Fitch Manger-In-Training scheme and graduated as a Visual Merchandising Manager. I actually got this role by meeting the international recruiter at a talk held at MMU. I’d definitely advise any student to take full advantage of the networking opportunities with other students/employers/lecturers.

The emphasis MMU has on preparation for working in industry, like the consistent workshops, CV checks and interview practice, was incredibly beneficial.

My top tip for students is…

Use the careers department and all the workshops available at MMU! Speaking to friends from other universities, I felt like MMU really prepared me for getting a job and not just in passing the course. Get your CV checked by the lecturers available and attend workshops for group interviews and assessments, as they can be really intimidating if you’re not prepared.

I’m inspired by…

Alumni coming in and describing their career journey! That was helpful as they gave a realistic view on industry.

Why I love Manchester Met

I really enjoyed the degree as it was what I was always interested in. I also loved my year abroad in industry and meeting people at MMU that I’m still friends with now.