Lucia Klencakova

"I appreciated endless opportunities for development and professional growth, supportive staff and excellent language facilities. "
About my career


After I graduated, I worked as an interpreter for DA Languages and The Big Word; I created connections through my studies, people I met throughout and part-time work outside of my studies.


I am currently a researcher at School of Social Science, Education and Social Work at Queen's University Belfast. My current project within SPaRK Marie Curie co-fund of Horizon 2020, focuses on the area of adolescent Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and its impact on youth educational attainment. I work with Women’s Aid and other leaders in the domestic and sexual violence area to help prevent IPV in adolescent relationships and to contribute to policy change in Northern Ireland.


My top tip for students is…

Take constructive criticism as an opportunity to grow, you may encounter criticism, which means there is always something new to learn. Be relentless, just never give up. If you think you stand out, do not be afraid to reach for the stars. 

Find a work-life balance, having life outside of work will give your life a whole new meaning. And most of all, enjoy your journey, life will pass you by so fast you won’t believe just how quickly!

I’m inspired by…

The opportunities for development and professional growth and the supportive staff.

Why I love Manchester Met

The Language Centre was my favourite facility, and while I enjoyed all courses, I was most fond of those that included cultural aspects, learning about cultures and traditions.