Lucy Brown

"Manchester Met feels like a family, not just a university"
About my career

My first job was as a Teaching Assistant for a local school.  After leaving University, I knew I wanted to pursue a route that was related to support, advice, and guidance, and thought that being a Teaching Assistant would be a positive course of action to building a foundation for further progression. My current role is at Manchester Metropolitan University in a Graduate Careers Assistant position within the Early Career Graduate team, part of the Careers and Employability Service. After I left my Teaching Assistant position, I thought Higher Education and careers guidance looked like an exciting career path. I began as a Graduate Intern within the Careers Service and progressed onto a permanent position within six months.


My main responsibilities involve; administration support for a team of six, daily monitoring of employers, jobs and other opportunities that come on to the vacancy portal Career Hub and into the inbox, and supporting with successful Careers Events that run on campus throughout the academic year. I also liaise with employers, providing CV support to recent graduates, and marketing for the Early Career Graduate team ensuring the teams message is broadcast across the universities various outlets.


My degree has supported me with building confidence to speak in public, network, attend events, as well as run my own events, and be part of a team. The group projects and teamwork skills developed whilst at university were positive experiences that I learned from, and supported me to gain roles where I would be part of a large team. My years volunteering with mentoring organisations helped me to obtain both of the roles I worked in after graduation. As a SEN Teaching Assistant, the ability to empathise, actively listen, and understand the challenges of others stemmed from my positive, practical mentoring experiences. The ability to give advice and guidance in my current role at Manchester Met, developed from my commitment to the mentoring practice and improving my own practice whilst at University – using my time to develop academically, my final year dissertation focussed upon mentoring, advice and guidance practice.

My top tip for students is…

My advice for students is to make the most of your university experience, you are here for a reason and make sure you stick to that as well as possible. Take on every opportunity you are faced with, volunteer your time, get a part-time role, develop your skills and learn from your peers and tutors, and don’t forget to use all the on campus services available to you, attend events and put yourself out there! Don’t forget to enjoy your life as a student though, it goes by very quickly!


Graduates can get careers support from the Manchester Met Careers services, especially if you are unsure of your future direction and want some friendly guidance and support. You are member of the alumni community so use that to your advantage and take a look at all the benefits you get as a graduate of Manchester Met.

I’m inspired by…

I thoroughly enjoyed anything related to advice, guidance, and support. I took part in various on campus and off campus roles to develop these skills further. There were various topics related to educational politics, educational globalisation, leadership and development, and educational social justice I found interesting and relevant for my future career.

I feel that the positive culture of Manchester Metropolitan, the supportive staff, the friendly students, really supported my growth both personally and professionally. My degree has enabled me to gaining both of the roles I have worked in. The variety of part-time, volunteering, and work experience opportunities provided me with a strong background of relevant experiences transferable skills.


Why I love Manchester Met

Manchester Met feels like a family, not just a university, from the moment you step on campus you are welcomed and as long as you make the most of your experience here you’ll be amazing!