Mark Rhodes

"It is important to evaluate and question things critically rather than simply accepting the status quo"
About my career

I am a recently qualified teacher, teaching Spanish, French and English at The Swinton High School. The most important elements of my work are to be reliable and to do my best by my learners. I enjoy seeing students make breakthroughs and if I can enjoy myself in the process, then the job itself becomes incredibly rewarding.

My top tip for students is…

Do your homework on the places you are applying for. When in work, get involved wherever you can and speak to people outside of your own department. Don't listen to gossip, make your own mind up.

Advice for Newly Qualified Teachers from MMU…

Pick your battles and stand by your own beliefs! I work hard to have a good rapport with the people I work with, both learners and staff. Become part of the team by going that extra mile as all of your colleagues, from the cleaner up to the head teacher, will be useful to you and you to them.

It is important to critically evaluate and question things rather than simply accepting the status quo. Attending the alumni NQT support conferences helped me to do this, enabling me to assess and improve my own practice. The guest speakers and lectures were thought provoking and inspiring. In addition to this, the ability to maintain the links made during my PGCE with University lecturers and peers proved incredibly valuable and supportive

I’m inspired by…

Gee Macrory and Pura Ariza were integral to my professional development, I still draw on their advice today and it is reassuring to know that when others are losing their heads the staff at MMU are keeping theirs.

Why I love Manchester Met

I loved learning, being challenged and meeting people, who in one way or another are all making a difference.