Nawshin Alam Khan

"Everything. I absolutely loved my time during undergraduate degree in University – from the degree, to the jobs with uni, outreach team, routes into language, everything. It’s been a wonderful experience! "
About my career

Following gaining 1st Class Honours in my undergraduate degree and Merit in my Masters, I was ready for the world of work! My first job after graduating was an Early Years Practitioner in a world-recognised nursery – Bright Horizons Solutions Ltd.

Once I was settled, I progressed into two part time jobs in a primary school. During the mornings, I was offering 1-2-1 support and guidance with a child who had Autism, speech delay and behavioural difficulties. During the afternoon, I supported other pupils through designing and delivering Pupil Premium Activities in Maths and English. I attended many relevant trainings, and learnt many transferable skills and was able to apply what I learnt in my undergraduate degree and early years’ teacher status to the practice. The job itself felt very rewarding even though it was challenging!

Following this, I moved into a wider role outside early years as a Schools Liaison Marketing Officer for Warwickshire College Group. This college was a combination of eight different sites across Warwickshire and Worcestershire and my job was to be a schools liaison and offer outreach activities in school and on campus for all sites and schools in the local area. I designed and developed workshops, designed summer schools, discover days and worked with a range of stakeholders. I worked on various marketing materials internally over the summer and designed leaflets and flyers for Enrolment and Graduation too. I also supported on the Enrolment programmes, clearing for some Higher Education courses that were provided at the college. My highlight for this role was the launch of the new STEM centre which I designed and invited the mayor and other stakeholders too.

After relocating back to Manchester, I now work for a government funded project called Greater Manchester Higher. We work with a range of schools and colleges across greater Manchester to support targeted outreach activities to certain postcode schools. I have over seven schools that I work with. I focus mainly on North Manchester even though I do support my colleagues across other parts of Manchester too. In my role, I maintain relationships and meet needs of schools and design and deliver core programmes or work with our commissioned providers to deliver programmes.

I have been gaining some intensive management training from my manager and have managed various events during my time here such as an All Boys Can Programme, Celebration Events and much more. I am due to go off my maternity leave in next few months, I hope to take a break from my career, and return into work in few years to progress into managing a small team!

My top tip for students is…

Try not to restrict yourself finding a graduate job. Have an open approach, degrees teach us so much, we often think we are restricted to the first area in which we have done our degree in but this is not necessarily the case. The skills are transferable to other jobs too.

I’m inspired by…

Staff – Josie Gabi. She was my professor at during my undergraduate and she really inspired me to push myself. Having known Josie throughout the degree and having some idea of the struggles which she has been through, yet reading into her PhD, I was very inspired to follow her footsteps and at least complete a Masters which I have successfully done now, so thank you Josie!

Josie’s enthusiasm and support was also very much part of the process. Josie always said to me ‘70s in the assignment is the minimum Nawshin’ – this raised my bar high from the beginning. Every time I struggled or felt like I was not capable, she soon got me round with her teaching, support and showed me I was more then capable and my 1st Class degree is a big credit to her as well.

Going forward now in the world of work, my current manager Chris, has really shown my capabilities of always meeting and exceeding my targets so always pushes me to do more. For this, I now feel like I am capable of opening up my own business in the future or manage a team of my own in the future. Thanks Chris!


Why I love Manchester Met

Everything. I absolutely loved my time during undergraduate degree in University – from the degree, to the jobs with uni, outreach team, routes into language, everything. It’s been a wonderful experience.