Neelam Shah

"University has been a place of inspiration, admiration and happiness."
About my career

I am currently a supply teacher. My main responsibilities are to undertake the teacher's role and teach clearly structured lessons. It is important to create a diverse and inclusive classroom and attempt to build a trusting and effective relationship with staff and children. Finally, I need to constantly reflect and evaluate my own teaching whereby I am able to better my craft.

I have gained many skills from the university itself. I am able to be much more organised and manage my time effectively. I can hold a conversation with professionals and feel confident to approach different people from different backgrounds. I have learned to accept my weaknesses and work to change them into strengths. Participating in group work at university has enabled me to negotiate with people more effectively as well as respect and appreciate others opinions. Undertaking placements at primary schools and delivering lessons weeks on end has helped me become a better teacher today. I am no longer anxious to teach a new set of children and I am willing to undertake many challenges faced within classrooms of different socio economic backgrounds.

My top tip for students is…

The best thing for a teaching graduate is to apply for long term teaching positions. If that isn't possible then you should apply for supply positions. Being a supply teacher works great for me, as I can teach on days that I am available and visit different schools to gain a range of teaching and learning experiences. 

I’m inspired by…

The staff at the university were a great support during my time there. Ceri Roscoe (the head of primary education) conducted my initial interview. At first, I remember being very nervous as I was aware of who she was. But when I met her she was so caring and welcoming that, throughout the interview I didn’t even realise I was being observed. She helped me be myself and enjoy the experience as well as showcase my talents. Another lecturer who has inspired me to become a better teacher is, Joanne Mimnagh. She was my modern foreign languages teacher. She had this unexplained faith in me as a student which helped me progress further into my degree. Her enthusiasm to teach and her passion towards education is what has helped me become the teacher I am today. She is a warm and kind hearted person and someone I will always remember. Another lecturer, Mark Peace, is someone I have always been inspired by. He is so passionate about education, and it is endearing to see. He taught me about the diverse and changing culture of today's society and to be confident to use my talents such as, being bilingual, in the classroom. I was always a little embarrassed to say that I was bilingual, however, he always looked at it as a major positive trait and encouraged me to be confident in myself and use this trait as my strength for future job prospects.

Why I love Manchester Met

University has been a place of inspiration, admiration and happiness.