Neha Chhabra

"The modules on orthopaedic medicine were the most enjoyable for me because of the practical sessions we had."
About my career

My first role as a Bank Physiotherapist with Care UK, which I obtain through a combination of job searching and professional networking.

I am currently the Director of Physiotherapy at Healyos. Healyos is a physiotherapy company involved in providing physiotherapy at home and in clinics. I was involved in starting the company and as the first employee I started by laying down the infrastructure for the company.

My responsibilities include, working with the CEO closely to come up with strategies for the company’s growth, ensuring all our patients receive individualised, evidence based treatment at their doorstep or clinic, training physiotherapists and working with local sports clubs and other local bodies to spread the awareness and need for physiotherapy.

My top tip for students is…

Approach mentors in the University, and use the Careers and Employability Service resources.

I’m inspired by…

Under the guidance of Smarak Mishra, I started working with a local football club as an academy physiotherapist, which was a wonderful opportunity.

Why I love Manchester Met

The staff are approachable and understanding. The diversity of the student body was excellent, and I truly felt like a citizen of the world.