Rakshanda Khan

"MMU gave me the courage to believe in myself"
About my career

MMU gave me the courage to believe in myself and to give me the space and freedom to explore my chosen subjects further. I always wanted to use whatever talents I had to help others, so the desire to work in the social sector had a strong pull. I struggled with what that would mean for me financially, continuing to work in media until every fibre of my being urged me towards finding more meaning in my work. I am now working towards a diploma is Humanistic Integrative Counselling and training to be a humanistic counsellor.

I had a brief work placement at a design agency called Love Creative Ltd during my studies. While I don’t think I did it justice, I would say it’s extremely important to undertake placements and to use the opportunity to network and pick up key real world work experience and skills. I would advise students to start networking as early as possible, and to make sure they hone their communication and people skills.

The research, creative exploration, debate and discussion skills I learnt while studying my MA have been important in my career to date - that, and having the ability to see a vision through to the end.

My top tip for students is…

Network, network, network. And keep following your dreams. If you want something badly, don’t give up until you get it.

I’m inspired by…

All the lectures on Cultural Memory because it really pointed out how deeply indoctrinated in nationalistic concepts cultures can become and how different lived experiences can be. I guess the human aspect of events fascinates me. Lenore and Eric Gristwood and Clinton Cahill. They supported and guided me throughout my learning and I deeply appreciate what they taught me. Lenore, in particular, was wonderfully warm and helpful.

Why I love Manchester Met

The close friendships I made.