Rebecca Catton

"Always remember to be yourself"
About my career

I began teaching in September 2012. My induction was brilliant. The school have been supportive and all members of staff are very encouraging. After completing a successful NQT year, I gained a permanent post at Gatley Primary School. I am currently working alongside another member of staff to run the school choir for Key Stage Two.

The most important thing to me in my job is promoting inner confidence; a key skill needed to be able to learn effectively. Last academic year I ran a singing group with some children in my class to further develop their confidence; the impact of this group was pivotal to the improvement of friendships amongst vulnerable children. I am continuing to run this group during my second year of teaching with a new group of children and hoping for a similar impact.

My top tip for students is…

Always read the person specification fully when applying for jobs. It is very important all of your applications cover every single point. You may have written the most interesting and exciting application to a school who would love to have you, however, if you have not met all of the criteria then they may be unable to interview you.

When you receive feedback from an interview, make sure that you absorb it all and try to deconstruct what you are being told, but always remember to be yourself.

I’m inspired by…

Jayne Barnes was kind, approachable, had excellent subject knowledge and a breadth of experience. This is the kind of teacher that I have always wanted to be, and by seeing Jayne's practice I began to realise that I might possibly be able to be that way also.

Claire Coleman has also been an inspiration to me during my time at Gatley Primary School. As my partner teacher, she has encouraged me, prompted me when needed and supported me daily. She is a truly outstanding teacher, working with her has helped me to develop and be creative in all aspects of school life.

Why I love Manchester Met

The most enjoyable thing about my time at MMU was meeting the rest of the students within my group and being able to bounce ideas off one another in a mutually supportive environment.