Robin Panrucker

"Everything is subjective; believe in yourself"
About my career

The main skills I gained at the University were a good work ethic and good team working skills – transferable to any sector. Often we had to rehearse well into the night during the BA (Hons) in Creative Arts, and so this helped me to become more patient and respectful of others. The nature of my course meant that we had to be well organised and so I became much better at time management. This, alongside my communication skills are ones I use a lot in my current role as a Talent Co-ordinator.

My position requires me to be attentive and compassionate while being also able to offer advice. I would suggest that students work on these skills, their punctuality as well as gain some work experience. I did this myself and found it to be very beneficial. It not only develops your ‘real life’ work skills more effectively, but will also give you an advantage over other candidates when looking for a job. Don’t expect to be handed something on a plate. Develop a good work ethic and think that work placements or voluntary experience may also lead to placements that are more permanent, so embrace them with enthusiasm!

I have recently completed my Certificate in Learning and Development Practice (from the CIPD). This was essential for me to back up my professional experience. It has also helped me to define a career path and to understand what I need to develop in order to progress further.

My top tip for students is…

Apply for as much as possible. Research the companies you are applying to and be able to explain why you feel that company is one you would like to be part of. Try to find an answer that the recruiters have not already heard a thousand times. It is also good to have a strong personal brand for your CV. Remember technical skills can be taught, so at interview remember to sell yourself and what you can bring to a company. A good first impression is also important!

I’m inspired by…

Some great tutors at the University particularly those who were supportive in my work, did not judge me, made me realise that everything is subjective and to believe in yourself. Sounds corny I know, but it is the most important thing I have learnt which remains with me.

Why I love Manchester Met

I loved being on a small campus with a different mix of people and I believe helped me to become the person I am today. I also liked that I now took responsibility for my own work, having supportive tutors there to help. This was more like the real world!