Sophie Ogden

"Never be afraid to experiment with new and maybe non-traditional techniques and always believe in your strengths."
About my career

The openness and wide variety of workshops on my Textile Design for Fashion Course allowed me to dip between practices, alongside the help of multi-disciplined tutors, the course opened up a range of career options to me from the very start.

In my final year I found a passion for digital illustration, Photography and styling which has helped me pursue my first job in Fashion photography and has now led me to my current career in Interiors at Bathroom Takeaway, keeping up to date with the latest trend forecasts and designing & styling intricate room sets. My inspirations are now and have always been quite abstract, organic forms and natural light continue to inspire both my photography and styling work.

I think the most important advice I can give is to never be afraid to experiment with new and maybe non-traditional techniques and always believe in your strengths as a designer, this will give your work its unique edge and set you apart from other artists/designers.

My top tip for students is…

I would encourage students to make full use of the amazing facilities that Manchester Metropolitan has to offer, get stuck in workshops as the skills never leave you and will always give you an advantage in your future career. The tutors are really great at promoting and supporting you on internships and work experience, it provides you with a great perspective on the workplace and gives you industry contacts.

Also just be active and present in everything that is going on in your field, i.e. read magazines, visit galleries, and attend lectures. 

I’m inspired by…

Alex Russell, my TD4F course leader was a great support and influence, he really championed each student to find their unique path in fashion and he helped me visualise my career and explore the areas which my skill set was strongest. He was really approachable and had a great selection of digitally printed shirts that he had designed himself! 

Why I love Manchester Met

It’s got a great communal atmosphere and there is so much upcoming talent it’s hard not to be inspired.