Tirthankar Basu

"My inspiration were my peers, so many wonderful people"
About my career

My first job after graduating was as an Executive Assistant to the Chairman for a Financial Service Firm.

Having an international degree and exposure from MMU helped me see a different outlook and approach from the conventional managers and it worked in my favour to help me reach my current position in senior management.

I experienced other work cultures from different nationalities and challenges. In the interactive group work, I learned very different cultural approaches. People with other nationalities, educational and work backgrounds exposed me to different perspectives and this has helped me immensely in my career progression.

Placements are extremely important as MBA students get to showcase the skills and understanding that they have acquired in the core functional areas of a business. This helps to start their career on the right note.

My top tip for students is…

In the information age, it’s very important for people to know how to gather information from multiple sources and from a variety of perspectives, and then make sound decisions based on what they discover. MBA graduates should be able to demonstrate this to their employer in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

It is all about acquiring and upgrading skills: "knowledge skills" of economics, finance, marketing, operations, management, and accounting, as well as the "soft skills" of leadership, teamwork, ethics, and communication are critical for effective administration. MBA students need to acquire these skills inside and outside the classroom environment.

I’m inspired by…

My peers, so many wonderful people full of enthusiasm and creativity. There was also so much inspiration and enthusiasm on campus and MMU gave us many opportunities to network and have fun in the city. Additionally, after the MBA even though we are scattered around the world, I have become closer to my peers: you know you can count on them and this makes it easier to achieve your goals.

Why I love Manchester Met

It taught me very different cultural approaches to learning, which I found very gratifying.