Julie Newton

"We have had lots of engagement from the students and have a great relationship with Manchester Met"

In United Utilities we have an active talent strategy, where one of our priorities is to develop future managers and leaders to create a strong succession plan. We see degree apprenticeships as a way to develop our talent and have included the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship as part of our Aspiring Managers programme. 

Internal enthusiasm

The degree programme has been really appealing for our current employees. We ran an internal process to identify people in our business who aspired to be a future manager and ended up with a very good group of seven. We believe they all have the capability for great futures at the organisation and we have very high aspirations for them.

Balancing commitments

We have had commitment from the top with sponsorship from our Managing Director and support for participants to attend the education blocks at Manchester Met to complete their qualification. Our participants have the task of managing their time to complete their studies and their day job. They also know that they need to put in some of their own time, so it is a challenge, but the prize at the end is a degree so it is more than worth it for them and the organisation.

A positive start

We have had lots of engagement from the apprentice students and have a great relationship with Manchester Met in terms of making the whole thing come together. It is good feedback all round and it has been a really positive experience.