Digital UX Professional Degree Apprenticeship

for Employers

The Digital User Experience (UX) Professional Degree Apprenticeship is an innovative blend of higher education and work-based learning, aimed at developing employees into confident Digital UX Professionals who can work in a wide range of businesses, from creative and tech to manufacturing or finance. 


Developed collaboratively with employers, this four-year programme has been created to meet the increasing demand for talent in this exciting field. It will include investigating, analysing and designing the experience that people have with digital products and services, both current and emerging, in order to find ways that these interactions can be implemented, improved and optimised over time. 

Digital UX Professionals are responsible for the continuous improvement of the experiences that digital products and services offer to their users, and for leading and advocating the use of user-centred design practices within multidisciplinary teams.

This Degree Apprenticeship is currently subject to validation and we aim to begin delivering it by September 2020.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is suitable for existing employees, or people new to digital, who are looking to develop or change their career, or for new recruits that you wish to employ and develop as Digital UX Professionals. 

Delivery Model

Delivered in a block attendance model of ‘learning sprints’ at the University, this course will be based initially in the new Arts and Humanities building (September 2020) before being permanently homed in the innovative School of Digital Art (SODA) which opens in 2021. 


On this four-year programme apprentices will learning to investigate, analyse and design the experience that people have with digital products and services, both current and emerging, in order to find ways that these interactions can be implemented, improved and optimised over time. As they will also be working full-time, they can put their skills straight into practice. 


Core units:

  • UX Origins and Applications (15 credit)
  • UX Methods (15 credit) 
  • UX Human Contexts (15 credit)
  • UX System Contexts (15 credit)
  • UX Practices 1: Making (15 credit)
  • UX Practices 2: Communicating (15 credit)
  • Creativity Through Research (15 credit)
  • Applying Creativity Through Research (15 credit)
  • Ethics, Rights and Research (15 credit)
  • Ethical Considerations in UX (15 credit)
  • UX Practices 3: Building (15 credit)
  • Psychology and Behaviour (15 credit)
  • Psychological Research Methods (15 credit)
  • UX in the Business (15 credit)
  • Conversion and UX (15 credit)
  • UX Toolkit (15 credit)
  • UX toolkit: Iteration (15 credit)
  • UX Futures (15 credit)
  • UX Futures: Leadership (15 credit)
  • UX Synoptic Project: Define and Design (30 credit)
  • UX Synoptic Project: Do and Review (30 credit)

Final Degree Award

The final degree award for this Degree Apprenticeship is currently in development. Further details will be provided once final approval for delivery is confirmed.

Entry Requirements

Candidates for the Degree Apprenticeship should have a minimum of 104 points at A2 (Grades BCC) or an equivalent e.g. BTEC DMM.

Applicants will also require Maths and English Language GCSE grade A*-C, or commit to undertaking functional skills during the programme. We will individually evaluate candidates who do not meet these requirements, but have workplace experience or have completed a Level 3 Apprenticeship programme. 


Employers with a payroll in excess of £3 million will be subject to the Apprenticeship Levy and any funds paid out can be used to fund participation in apprenticeship programmes. Employers with a payroll below £3 million are eligible for funding, which will cover at least 95% of the cost of apprenticeship programmes.

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