Apprenticeship Funding and the Levy

‌The funding you are eligible for is determined by the number of people you employ, the annual payroll of your company and the age of the learner. Apprenticeship Funding Flowchart to determine your own funding situation.

Businesses with a wage bill below £3 million

The Government will pay 95% of the tuition fees for apprentices of any age, for business who will not be paying the apprenticeship levy.

Businesses with a wage bill above £3 million

Organisations are able to use their apprenticeship levy contributions to pay for the cost of tuition fees.

Employers who do not have sufficient levy payments to cover the full cost of tuition fees, will also be eligible for the 95 per cent government funding.

Additional support arrangements
Apprentice Wages

Apprentices are full-time employees and will be entitled to a wage and paid time off to study. We recommend a minimum starting salary of £12,000 per year, although some employers pay significantly more.

Employers do not have to pay Class 1 National Insurance for apprentices under the age of 25. 

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