Lukas Hughes

"Deciding to go down this route was a no brainer!"

Why did you decide to become a Chartered Manager Degree Apprentice?

I really wanted to get work experience, while continuing onto higher education. After some research, I found something that I was interested in - a management apprenticeship with a sponsored degree in Business Management. I would have chosen to study this at university, so deciding to go down this route was a no brainer! I would be gaining four whole years of work experience, in a growing business whilst studying for a degree without the tuition fees. As well as that I’d be working towards additional qualifications.

How are you hoping it will support your career progression at Stateside Foods Ltd?

I hope that the degree will give me the knowledge about management and leading, as well as all of the other core functions of a manager to become a good leader and manager at Stateside Foods at some point in the future.

What is your favourite thing about working at Stateside Foods Ltd?

Working at Stateside Foods is brilliant, there are so many opportunities and I have already had lots of different experiences. As I am one of the first year apprentices, I am based on monthly rotation around the business. I am seeing how the business runs as a whole before I decide to go into any particular department. This is brilliant because I am still not 100% sure which area I want to go into. As well as that, once I go into another department I can clearly see how all of the departments rely on each other and work together. There’s also a lot of support given which is really good. And there’s free pizza, what a perk that is!

How do you find balancing work and study?

Working full-time and studying a degree at the same time isn’t easy and you have to commit a lot of time to it. I get time to work on my assignments and my project at work, which really helps. As long as you manage your time well and ensure that you know when the deadlines are for assignments and give yourself enough time to do it, it is fine. At the end of the day, I’ve committed myself to this apprenticeship for four years and I believe that the time that I spend on it will be absolutely worthwhile.

How have you found the teaching style of the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship?

It is completely different to college, it really is. There are a lot more real life case studies, used as examples for the theory. This is very useful, because I find it easier to understand it in that way. As well as that, there are a lot of discussions in the class that allow people to debate and talk about the theory that we are learning. I think that the interaction between the lecturers and the other students is really positive and creates an effective learning environment.

What has been your favourite thing you have learnt so far and what are you looking forward to?

I would say that the classes on the “Legal Context of Management” and “Social-Demographics” as they both have great relevance to the current environment, which is dominated by ‘Brexit’. There’s just so much to the law in business and it is a very interesting topic, which always encourages discussion. I am really looking forward to studying the technology, and finance and accounting units. Both of these topics interest me, especially technology, as it is such an important area for businesses to focus on to stay competitive. 

How are you enjoying being a Manchester Metropolitan University student?

Being a student at Manchester Metropolitan University has been great so far. Time is flying by, which must be a good sign. The first year is almost over, which is just crazy. The Business School building is brilliant and with it being so close to the city centre, it is just so ideal. Representing the University has been a pleasure as well.


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