Monday, 26 November 2018 at 6:00 pm – Monday, 26 November 2018 at 8:30 pm

Post-residency Event

Date: Monday 26 November 2018

Time: 6pm - 8.30pm

Location: No. 70 Oxford Road 

Tickets: Free - available on Eventbrite: 

Screenings, presentations and performance of PhD research work from Sidney Nolan Trust Artist Camp, Powys.

Work by Nigel Allmark, Isabel Benito Gutiérrez, Andrew Bracey, Anne Caldwell , Lin Charlston, Lesley Halliwell, Jackie Haynes, Jamie Jenkinson, Gemma Meek, Pavel Prokopic, Laurie Reynolds, James Scott Vandeventer with special guest, Jackie Morris.

Practice and Research in Action at Sidney Nolan Trust, Powys

The post-residency event concludes the second NWCDTP funded student-led group residency, ‘Practice and Research in Action’ at Sidney Nolan Trust, Powys which took place in 25-30 June this year. Thirteen participants from MMU, RNCM, and other UK Universities lived, ate and worked together for the week. Together they co-produced a successful and well-attended public event on the Sidney Nolan Trust site at the end of the residency.
The corresponding event planned for Manchester gives researchers the opportunity to further share the work with an audience perhaps less familiar with the Sidney Nolan Trust site. It also offers the possibility of PhD practice and research development by showing discussing work with student peers, MMU staff and the public, through the presentations, performance and screenings scheduled for the event.

Following an intense period of research in the rural and well-equipped setting of the Sidney Nolan Trust Arts Centre, participants were well-supported by the Trust’s staff, in particular artist, printmaker and special guest at the Manchester event, Jackie Morris. Individual and/or collaborative bodies of artworks were made together in the shared studio spaces resulting in the exchange of knowledge, processes and skills and the development of research methodologies. The participants came from a wide range of research interests in an endeavour to promote cross-disciplinary networking. Learning from one another and taking inspiration from the landscape and work of Sidney Nolan, discussions, skill-sharing and presentations, whether spontaneous or organised, happened throughout the week. Subjects ranged from the advantages and challenges of combining practice and research, the nature of collaboration and researching as a collective, thereby opening-up debates around the impact of research beyond both the residency and the academy.

It is possible to view the research residency as a research method in itself. This student-led organisational framework of focussed researchers intent on collaboration in a compressed amount of time, resulted in an effective and efficient use of all available resources. The group very quickly settled into a symbiotic working rhythm, with a wide range of activities taking place harmoniously. The research culture nurtured and nourished at this residency has proved transferrable not least by the enthusiasm for the post-residency event and the extended connections which continue to enhance the research experience of the group.

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