Faculty Student Awards

Each year students within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities are recognized for their outstanding work, commitment and passion for their degree. Both staff and students will be nominating students from the faculty for awards to be presented at the closing ceremony of the Faculty Student Showcase.

Award Categories


Outstanding Contribution to Arts, Humanities & Culture- Do you know someone who is passionate about the arts and humanities? Perhaps they are a talented artist, poet, dancer or musician? Has their passion inspired you and maybe others to get involved? (All students who have contributed to the Faculty undergraduate Showcase are automatically shortlisted for this Award)

Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community- Our students contribute thousands of hours in the local community. This could be through supporting disadvantaged groups or by volunteering and working with a community project.

Outstanding Student Entrepreneur of the Year- It takes an innovative and committed person with extraordinary self-motivation, vision and passion to set up a business while at university. This award aims to recognise our student entrepreneurs’ hard work.

Outstanding Contribution to Media and Communications- Some students take responsibility for delivering information and news that they believe fellow students really need. Do you know a talented journalist, photographer or someone who has given you information that has made a real difference to your life at university?

Outstanding International/Multicultural Initiative of the Year- Do you know someone who has organised or contributed to a brilliant international or multicultural event/initiative? This award recognises those who have helped celebrate the multicultural community at MMU and beyond

Outstanding Contribution to Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity- Some students go beyond to ensure that Manchester Met is a diverse and inclusive community. Do you know someone who has developed or promoted new initiatives or worked on projects to raise awareness of issues, or actively challenges discrimination, or celebrates any of the protected characteristics (age; disability; gender; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; gender identity; race; religion or belief; sexual orientation)?

Outstanding Fundraiser of the Year- Do you know a student who generously devotes their time to fundraise for a charity they are passionate about? This might be through an event they have organised or helped raise awareness for a particular cause.

Outstanding Contribution to Academic Communities-Is there a Course Rep, peer mentor, ambassador or maybe a volunteer who you know makes a real difference in the Faculty? This could be through a student group or simply helping at a Faculty-based event. This is an award for an individual or group of students who have contributed to an event or project that has made a significant positive impact on the community of students at Manchester Met University and the wider community.

Outstanding Academic Achievement- Do you know a student who has completed or is currently involved in working on a significant research project, a thesis or scholarly paper, presentation at a conference, or other scholarly work? Alternatively, do they demonstrate initiative, perseverance, and the ability to overcome significant obstacles in attaining his/her degree?

Outstanding Placement of the Year- An award for a student who as part of placement or work-based learning activities, has excelled and achieved above what is usually expected of a student on such an activity, by showing enthusiasm and commitment to the organisation they have worked with, its ethos and its objectives

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