Certified Open PLC Programming Course Level 1

This is an introductory course covering Ladder Diagram (LD) programming and PLC basics. The course is for beginners and is delivered using the University's online teaching system (a preview is available at the bottom of this page). After successfully completing the course projects, you will gain a proficiency certificate in LD programming, which is part of the Certified Open PLC Programming Course.

Who can benefit from this Course?

What software platform is used in the course?

We use free downloadable software environment, CoDeSys® (Controller Developer Systems) Version 2.3, to develop control solutions and code. You will gain skills in using the software, for example, developing programmes, managing libraries and creating your own user functions and libraries.

What does the course cover?

The course introduces you to the basics of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and teaches the techniques of writing programs to deal with a wide range of practical problems. You will gain the essential techniques of Ladder Diagram programming through a number of practical exercises and projects.

How do you study online?

  1. After booking the course, you will be provided with enrolment details.
  2. There are quiz questions to help you understand the theory.
  3. Your questions will be answered and coursework marked by the course tutors online.
  4. There are practical tasks, for example, developing a program to automate an inspection process. Some of the content of the course is shown below.

"The course is a good basis for understanding PLC languages. I found having done the Level 1 course extremely helpful. Knowing the software through Level 1 is a big advantage for proceeding to Level 2."

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