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Thursday, 23 November 2017


Is data killing creativity?

MMU Business School

How can advertising return to its blockbuster heyday?

Data has proved a double-edged sword for advertisers - new technology has promised hyper-targeted, instant tracking of success and for super low prices. But at what cost? Has creativity been side-lined by over-reliance on data? Hamish Nicklin, Chief Revenue Officer at Guardian News & Media, explains how human instinct and cultural skills should interplay with the rich mine of data to produce stunning and effective ads and work in synchronicity with a quality media landscape.

Hamish will debate this topic with Paul Cooper, Group Managing Director at Mediacom North and Johnny Hall, CEO of Mobedia. Paul has been part of Mediacom Group, the biggest communications agency in the UK, for almost 20 years and will contribute with his media and digital expertise to bring an innovative perspective on the future of creativity. Johnny Hall, is CEO of Mobedia, a highly successful digital innovation agency that creates content, products and experiences, and focuses upon people activation within organisations.

They will create a lively and thought-provoking dialogue that will both inform and stimulate the audience in an event hosted by David Edmundson-Bird from Manchester Metropolitan University.

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