Manchester Metropolitan University

Showcasing Business and Law Research at ESRC Festival of Social Science 2017

Over 100 people attended the Faculty’s events

Cast of a Tyrannosaurus rex overlooks the podium and crowd. A speaker is stood at the podium addressing the crowd.

Our launch event took place at Manchester Museum’s Fossils Gallery.

Manchester Metropolitan joined once again with contemporaries at the University of Manchester and the University of Salford for this year’s ESRC Festival of Social Science.

Greater Manchester’s three largest universities hosted over 45 events during one week in November with the aim of bringing research to life. They included film festivals, walking tours, fashion shows, experiments with virtual reality, and interactive workshops.

Katherine Roycroft, Research and Impact Manager for the Faculty of Business and Law, said:

‘Every year these ESRC awards enable us to showcase the best of our Faculty’s research to the general public.’

‘Hearing students from a local school saying the event had made them want to go to university – hopefully, here! – was certainly a highlight and made all the hard work seem worthwhile. Well done to all our event organisers.’

What’s the Big Idea?

Over 60 event organisers and partners celebrated the launch of the ESRC Festival of Social Science in the Fossils Gallery at Manchester Museum, under the watchful eye of ‘Stan’, the Tyrannosaurus rex.

The Faculty of Business and Law organised a number events, including: 

  • Keep Calm and Don’t Panic – Marcel Altenburg and Jade Margaret Patel presented the art of crowd science with pupils from Bramhall High School, who spent a day learning all about the scientific analysis behind crowd safety measures.
  • 21st Century Man – an interdisciplinary conference with Maz Idriss, Jenny Fisher, Michael Carroll, James Duggan and Robin Hadley including lots of interaction from guest panellists and an audience comprised of academics, support agencies, NHS and police services, and other community organisations
  • Family Leave for the Self-Employed – Professor Julia Rouse hosted this event with key stakeholders and policymakers to co-create new policy agendas around this important area.

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