Manchester Metropolitan University

Monday, 18 March 2019

– Tuesday, 19 March 2019


Economic policy-making institutions at the state/market frontier

University of Warwick

Crises disrupt economic orders, but also the behaviour and orientation of the state as elites seeks to resolve crisis dynamics. An apparent revival of industrial policy, across many countries, is an obvious example, but we have witnessed myriad new forms of statecraft since the financial crisis.

Ten years on, it is becoming possible to assess the durability of these shifts, and what they tell us about the relationship between state and market, and public and private, in post-crisis capitalism.

This Future Economies workshop will advance this intellectual agenda, focusing specifically the notion of ‘state capture’, and considering how state forms and the ‘machinery of government’ at various scales are enmeshed with economic and distributional orders.

Who are the winners and losers from post-crisis state transformation? What does it tell us about neoliberalism? Has the transformative process differed across varieties of capitalism or countries at different stages of capitalist development

The workshop supported by the British Academy, Future Economies at Manchester Metropolitan University, the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick and the Political Studies Association British and Comparative Political Economy Specialist Group. Convened by Craig Berry and Matthew Watson.

The workshop takes place on 18th and 19th March at the University of Warwick. Papers that will be presented across the two days include:

• Phil Cerny (Rutgers/Manchester). Finance at the Crossroads
• Florence Dafe and Zoe Phillips Williams (both LSE). Banking on Courts: The Global Financial Crisis and the Rise of Third-Party Funding
• Thomas Da Costa Vieira and Emma Foster (both Birmingham). Ordoliberalism, the Big Society and the Depoliticisation of Co-operatives
• Anjar Reurink (Max Planck Centre, Cologne). The Making of the Netherlands as an Offshore Financial Center: The Great Fragmentation of the Firm and the Rise of an Industrial Policy for the Intra-group Economy
• Caroline Kuzemko (Warwick). Re-Scaling IPE: Local Government, Sustainable Energy & Change (provisional title)
• Andy Pike (Newcastle) and John Tomaney (UCL). Towards urban and regional statecraft
• Craig Berry (Manchester Met). Capitalist Transformation and Institutional Change at the State-Market Frontier: The Contrasting Complementarities of Pensions Provision and Industrial Policy in Britain and Beyond
• Sean McDaniel and Ben Clift (both Warwick). Capitalist Convergence? European Integration, Disintegration and the Post-Crash Restructuring of French and European Capitalisms in the Face of Brexit
• Inga Rademacher (KCL). Financing Exports. The German Fiscal Crisis and the Turn to Finance in the German Export-led Growth Model
• Jack Copley (Warwick). Explaining the Big Bang: Monetarism, Financial Liberalisation, and State-Market Governance During Crisis
• James Wood and Matthew Sparkes (both Cambridge). The Economic Ideas of Financialisation in Britain

The event is a private, invitation-only workshop. For more information, contact

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