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Geoff Hoon praises aviation research

OMEGA presents work at Royal Society

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Geoff Hoon praises aviation research

GEOFF Hoon, the Secretary of State for Transport, has praised a Manchester-based aviation project for stimulating new ideas around sustainability.

The OMEGA Project, based at Manchester Metropolitan University, presented its findings yesterday at the Royal Society in London at a conference attended by industry, Government and the NGO community.

The project which unites scientists from nine universities has spent two years providing new knowledge and innovative solutions on climate science, air quality, noise, aircraft systems, airport operations, alternative fuels and other aviation issues.

Mr Hoon used the conference to announce the Environment Agency as the aviation emissions trading scheme regulator in England and Wales.

He also paid tribute to OMEGA for its programme of work and for giving an opportunity for academics, businesses and policymakers to engage in debate and to find practical, deliverable solutions to the sustainability questions.

Centre for Air Transport and Environment

Presenters included leading climate scientist Professor David Lee and aviation management expert Professor David Raper, both of MMU's Centre for Air Transport and the Environment.

The Department of Transport's Chief Scientist Brian Collins, Rolls Royce's Head of Environmental Strategy Dr Naresh Kumar and British Airways' Head of Corporate Responsibility Strategy Jonathon Counsell also spoke at the conference.

Roger Gardner, OMEGA's chief executive said: "OMEGA's key achievement is having injected important energy into the quest for aviation sustainability. The gearing benefit of bringing so many disciplines and interests around a single table has stimulated new thinking and ideas.

"UK capability is something of a beacon of innovative excellence which will spur further collaborations and accelerate the pace of action addressing the sustainability problem."

Photo credit: Joel C Fildes.

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