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Crisis, what crisis?

G20 signals new road to science jobs

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Crisis, what crisis?

THE GLOBAL challenges of credit crunch, climate change and energy shortages all present new opportunities - especially for scientists.

And the better qualified you are, the better your chances of a good career, according to a raft of experts.

"As the UK comes out of recession, it will be on the back of innovative products and services, particularly involving new technologies," says Fabien Petticolas at Microsoft Research.

MMU offers a portfolio of relevant qualifications including Masters in Virtual Product Development, Design and Manufacture and Food Management.

Knowledge of sustainability

But as Roger Gardner, head of MMU's sustainable aviation research network Omega says, it will be in environmental science and sustainability that skills will be most needed.

"Many companies now regard carbon performance as being one of the key criteria for both the cost base of a company and also its future growth. This presents a mass of employment opportunities."

MMU has recently launched Masters programmes in Sustainable Aviation, Environment and Climate Change and GIS and Spatial Systems.

"In the 1960s and 70s every kid wanted to be an astronaut or work for NASA," says Dave Clarke, head of research at E.ON. Today, he says, energy and low carbon are "the space race research for the 21st century", and the job prospects medium-term are "fantastic".


For those wishing to research for a PhD, MMU is offering 30 research studentships starting in September 2009.

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