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The Big Student Switch Off

Students lead green charge

STUDENTS are leading the way in for a cleaner, greener Britain!

Almost 5,000 Manchester Metropolitan students have signed up to slash their electricity and gas bills and help save the planet.

‘The Big Student Switch Off’ campaign commits students to cut 10% from their energy usage, whether they live in halls, or student flats and houses.

So far 4,568 have signed up, with 450 committing to become team leaders or so-called ‘Eco Power Rangers’ and others posting pictures of their energy-saving feats on Facebook.

Hall party!

The hall which saves most nationwide will be treated to an expenses-paid party as reward.

Robert Croll, of MMU People and Planet, said: "Students are a great force in changing our behaviour in this country for a more sustainable way of life.

"It’s so simple, turn things off – lights, heating, whatever. We can all do our bit.”

"The Big Student Switch Off is another great scheme, but we want to get to a place in a few years time, when we won’t need schemes; it will just be the social norm to do these things."

Zero Waste

The power of student behaviour was made plain last year when in two months students living in MMU halls collected and reused 11 tonnes of ‘rubbish’ under the “Zero Waste” scheme, the equivalent of 8,700 pairs of jeans.

The University, which has recently jumped 10 places in the People and Planet UK green league, is also doing its bit.

A recycling scheme for Cavendish, Cambridge, Broomhurst and Booth Halls was launched last week, allowing 2,150 students an easy and sustainable way of disposing of glass, tins, paper, plastic and card.

Amanda Norris, MMU’s new Waste and Recycling Manager said: '“This could potentially divert up to 75 tonnes of waste from landfill, based on a 35% recycling rate. The scheme will also be rolled out to other halls in the coming months.”

Get involved

If you’d like to get involved, contact MMU People and Planet or via or go to the Facebook group – Manchester Metropolitan University Eco Power Rangers.

Contact Robert Croll on

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