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Quitting smoking - new benefits

City service urges quitters to volunteer

SCIENTISTS in Manchester are teaming up with the city’s stop smoking service to prove quitting can improve your health within days!

Smoking is a well-known cause of heart and lung problems but a specialist centre in Manchester is leading new research into the harm it does to our blood, muscles, bones and general fitness.

Manchester Metropolitan University’s Institute of Human Movement is carrying out a series of studies into the time it takes to recover ‘normal’ health after quitting.

And they are seeking volunteers to help prove that stopping smoking, even for a short time, can have huge and rapid benefits.

Strength returns

"In tests so far, people who quit just for a fortnight are seeing rapid improvements," said physiologist Dr Hans Degens. "Their blood carbon monoxide levels are returning virtually to normal while muscle strength and resistance to exercise shows a sharp rise."

Earlier this year, the Institute also showed that smoking affects bone health, particularly in younger smokers, and weakens muscle function, things that have not generally been thought to be affected by smoking.

They are seeking regular smokers over 18 years old for a series of tests at the university. Volunteers must quit for two weeks and hopefully for good!

Tom Maden-Wilkinson, a PhD researcher, said: "If you are considering stopping smoking, please sign up. Not only will you be advancing science but we can help you appreciate the real benefits to quitting."

Free health tests for volunteers

Abbie Paton, Acting Manager of Manchester Stop Smoking Service said: “It is really motivating to see the immediate benefits when you stop smoking. You’ll get whole series of health tests for free by signing up for this study just before you quit which should show the positive impact of stopping within days.”

Manchester Stop Smoking Service offer free help and support with stopping smoking at venues across Manchester. This includes free or reduced cost nicotine replacement therapy if wanted. To refer yourself to Manchester Stop Smoking Service or find out more about what we can offer, phone 205-5998 or text smoke to 81025.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Tom Maden-Wilkinson at the Institute for Human Movement, Manchester Metropolitan University 0161 247 41316

For more information, free support to stop smoking, or to register your home smokefree, call Manchester Stop Smoking Service on 0161 205 5998

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