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How do executives use the Internet?

Survey of top 500 companies

MMU and Manchester-based online marketing agency PushON today published a ground-breaking report on executive Internet use.

The report presents initial findings from a research collaboration between PushON and David Edmundson-Bird, Principal Lecturer in Digital Marketing Communications and Director of Executive Programmes at MMU Business School.

The work identifies and surveys senior level executives at the North West’s top 500 companies in a bid to uncover how, and how frequently, senior decision-makers are using digital technology and the Internet.

David Edmundson-Bird said: "Survey work about professional use of Internet tools is fairly rare and often limited to the American market, so it's refreshing to be able to provide an insight into the thinking amongst the North West UK's Top 500 firms.

"The results make interesting reading, showing that senior management use of the Internet is on the rise, but widespread use of social media is still to take off."

PushON MD Simon Wharton said: "There is a clear need on the part of B2B marketers to understand where business decision-makers are spending time online in order to reach and engage this crucial audience more effectively."

PushON and MMU Business School explored the following:

• Where the North West’s top decision makers are spending most time online and which channels are likely to provide the greatest reach with this audience;

• Whether there exists a ‘digital divide’ between companies that are active in digital and those that are less ‘web savvy’ and what factors might be behind such a divide;

• Whether senior executives understand or are using social media and whether agencies selling social media services to business need a ‘sanity check’ in terms of the scope and complexity of their offerings.

Uniquely, MMUBS students were involved in the creation and collection of data, and one of them has now joined PushOn as a full-time member of staff.

"We're really pleased to work with PushOn and complete this piece of work, and hope it will go on to be a regular feature in the annual digital industries timetable," added David.

Digital Directions: How Business Decision-Makers in the North West use the Internet will be available here to view, download and for comment.

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