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“Social Media” event goes global

Free masterclass on Facebook

COMPANIES across the world can get a free lesson in social media marketing thanks to a unique event hosted by fledgling MMU-based businesses.

The Social Gathering event which offers masterclasses on Twitter, Linkedin and more will be live-streamed on Facebook on November 16 to reach a global audience.

Noonan Media, Modern English and Great Marketing Works - experts in the Social Media field - are among 120 new businesses based at Manchester Metropolitan University’s business incubator, Innospace.

The event is also backed by Greater Manchester Chambers of Commerce and the National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship.

The three-hour event will show companies how to make use of the Facebook and Twitter phenomenon to reach new customers and build brand-loyalty.


Businesses will also find out about new live-streaming software which enables companies to stream live video and audio to customers worldwide through Facebook.

It also includes a masterclass on integrating social media into marketing and the value of business networking website ‘Linkedin’.

Bruce Thomas of Modern English said: "There’s nothing more powerful than placing your brand in these social media platforms. It transforms the way companies communicate with customers and market themselves. I’ll be explaining how at The Social Gathering."

Brian Noonan of Noonan Media said: "Our live-streaming software has already been used to stream music festivals and sports events on the internet, even news reports after the Haitian hurricane. More and more companies are waiting to benefit from the opportunities this technology opens up."


Dan Sodergren of Great Marketing Works said: "Social media is one of the most powerful revolutions in marketing ever. To not use it is a crime. However, to use it wrong is just as bad. This event will help you make sure you use social media correctly."

Richard Deighton of Innospace said Manchester companies were again at the very forefront of the social media revolution: "I’m very proud that some of the most exciting businesses here at Innospace are showcasing this expertise to a world wide audience.

To take part in the “The Social Gathering” event become a fan of When you view the Innospace fan page from Monday 15 November you will be able to see the video player and share it with friends. The event will be live-streamed on Tuesday November 16 from 2pm.

Quick facts:

Social media is growing faster than any other online experience. Some statistics from Facebook illustrate this growth:

- More than 500 million active users.
- 50% of our active users logon to facebook in any given day.
- More than 10 million users become fans of pages each day.
- More than 8 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide).


Innospace is Manchester Metropolitan University’s business incubator for start-ups and new enterprises.

It is a dynamic and vibrant new-enterprise community of over 120 start-up businesses, supported by a professional office team and professional facilities. Right in the heart of Central Manchester, it provides a base for new ventures keen to make head way with their ideas and businesses.

For more information contact Richard Deighton
0161 247 3954 / 07788 962941

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