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Goldman Sachs launches University training

Manchester is “fertile ground” for job creation

BANKING giant Goldman Sachs is launching a Business Growth Programme for the North West in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University Business School.

The programme aimed at making winning businesses more competitive will be launched tonight at Manchester Town Hall.

Goldman Sachs vice chairman Michael Sherwood said: “There is no shortage of entrepreneurial spirit here in Manchester and anything we can do to help companies compete on the world stage we will.”

The Business Growth Programme develops SME business education and training for firms “with high growth potential that are seeking to grow revenues and create employment”. Initially it will help 23 firms but is expected to be extended to hundreds.

Lynn Martin, professor of entrepreneurship at the Business School said: “We have the energy, capability and enthusiasm to do a great job in bringing this programme to small firms with growth potential in the North West. It is a fertile trading ground with key areas achieving a business start-up rate that is 2-3% higher than the rest of the UK.

“Our approach will be to embed core programme activities and materials while localising content to be relevant for participants. The curriculum will reflect the North West trading economy to ensure local fit for participating companies.”

The Business School runs a series of business support projects, many of them through it's high-profile Centre for Enterprise.

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