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University announces 75% of fees at £8,000 for 2012

£10 million student support scheme

The Manchester Metropolitan University today (Friday 15th April, 2011) announces a £10 million student support scheme for undergraduate students, and the majority (75%+) of tuition fees to be set at £8,000 for new undergraduates in 2012.

The University has committed the funds and set its fees to help ensure that talented students have the opportunity to study for a degree irrespective of their social background.

The decision was taken by the governing body of the University following an extensive and thorough consultation and engagement with staff across the University and students through the Students’ Union.

The University is renowned for its emphasis on delivering vocational courses and work experience leading to high levels of employability. A key part of this is the accreditation of our courses by more than 70 professional bodies.

Vice-Chancellor Professor John Brooks said: “This University has a long tradition of supporting people of all ages across the region through their higher education. We are absolutely determined that we remain loyal to our core student bodies and soften the blow of fee rises as best as we can.

“We feel that our fees represent the correct balance between offering a high quality University education and student experience, and the actual costs of delivering this.”

More than 75% of courses at £8,000

UK and EU undergraduates starting university in September 2012 will be charged £8,000 for most first degree courses – equivalent to more than 75% of our courses. A small percentage of courses will be charged at £8,500.

Approximately 20% will be charged at £9,000.This will include those with the most intensive use of facilities, teaching and learning resources in a range of specialist scientific, healthcare and art & design subjects.

In 2012 new undergraduate students will not have to pay for their tuition upfront. The tuition fees will be paid by a government loan which students will only start to repay once they graduate and are earning more than £21,000.

Most popular University by 2011 applications

This year the University topped the applications list attracting more applications through UCAS than any other institution, with 52,750 applications received for 2011 entry by the January 15th deadline.

As one of the largest and most popular universities in the country, Manchester Metropolitan University is committed to providing high quality teaching, an excellent student experience and the best possible facilities with state of the art laboratory equipment and high levels of contact with our academics.

The University continues on the largest capital investment programme in its history to provide superb new facilities for its 37,500 students. As part of this, the new Business School, Student Hub and Art & Design buildings will be ready for all our students in September 2012.

Click here for more information about who will pay what, when you will pay it and what benefits and financial support is available to you.

Please note that these proposals are subject to the approval of the Office for Fair Access (OFFA).

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