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First class Honours for 'green' MMU

Now we rank in Top 20

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MANCHESTER Metropolitan has been awarded First Class Honours by the UK’s leading student environmental campaign group.

The University earned a Top 20 place, ranked 17th greenest University in the UK by the People & Planet Green League.

People and Planet assessed the environmental and ethical performance of 142 universities, awarding them a First, 2:1, 2:2, Third, or Fail, scoring them on their actions and attitudes towards a green living.

The table was topped by Nottingham Trent, Gloucestershire and Worcester with Manchester Metropolitan arguably the rising star having climbed from 91st in 2007 to 57th in 2009 and now to 17th.

Carbon footprit slashed

Manchester Metropolitan scored especially well for its environmental policy and dedicated environment team, its ability to engage students in campaigns, its fair-trade practices and its carbon management, having cut its carbon footprint by 5% in 2010.

But the university recognises it still has more work to do in renewable energy use, environmental auditing and waste recycling.

Student Union President Robert Croll said: "This is fantastic news and is shows that our students and staff are making saving the planet a real priority.

"If you organise, consult and engage well as this university is doing, students will definitely contribute as they are passionate about the environment and rightly concerned about non-sustainable lifestyles.

Solar panels and green roofs

"The university must now continue its mission and push for even greater awareness and firmer action on sustainability," added Rob.

The university’s carbon output fell by 4.9% in 2009/10 due to a raft of initiatives on heating, lighting, energy and waste, including:

  • Solar panels on the All Saints and Student Union buildings with more approved for our Crewe campus.
  • Energy ratings for each building heightening awareness.
  • Student Switch-Off and recycling save energy and waste.

Louise Hazan, People & Planet's climate change campaigner, said: "Students from Manchester Metropolitan University have been campaigning long and hard to on issue like Fairtrade to ensure they respect farmers and workers' rights within their supply chains.”

Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Chris Huhne, said: “The Green League throws a spotlight onto the work being done in universities to cut emissions. It is the students in universities today who will be carrying on the work to build the low-carbon Britain of tomorrow, and it is vital that universities and Government set a good example.

You can see the full results of People & Planet's Green League 2011 online.

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