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MMU gives most money in bursaries

Help for all on low incomes

MANCHESTER Metropolitan University gives more money in bursaries and scholarships than any other UK university.

Official figures show that we gave £10.7m last year, and to the greatest number of students (11,717) of any UK university.

With fees mostly at £8,000**, the University has recently launched one of the most generous financial support packages in the sector.

Unlike most other universities, we are offering a student support package not only to first years but into the second year too.

What’s more, whereas most university scholarships benefit a limited number of students, MMU is offering the package to all students with a household income up to and including £25,000.

So what are we offering?MMU’s Student Support Package offers £4,000 to all these students which can be used in a combination of fee waivers, accommodation discount, or other university services using the met card.

The students can access £3,000 in their first year and support of up to £1,000 in their second year.

Additionally, a new Academic Achievement Bursary for high performing students means that students achieving AAB grades could receive an extra £2,500 in addition to the student support package. These grades are subject to change, and details will be confirmed on our website when available.

Sophie Lockyer, 22, who graduated last year from BA (Hons) International Business, is among those who qualified for other bursaries and says without the extra money, she would not have been able to go to university.

No family support

Sophie said: “My parents income is small with only my Dad being employed and my Mum going through further education herself. I am one of four children in my family so I have never been given an allowance or had any savings.

“Nobody could support me financially at university and it would have been different had I not received the bursaries. I am very grateful and fortunate to have been given the financial support I got.”

If you are visiting MMU Open Days on Wednesday, October 10 or Saturday, October 13 (Manchester Campuses), or Saturday, October 20 (Crewe Campus) you can speak to one of our ‘Money Doctors’ in more detail, or find more on our website

*Figures are from the Office of Fair Access

** 65% of courses are £8,000, 5% are £8,500 and 30% are £9,000. To find out the fee for an individual course, go to

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