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Worldwide audience with the help of Lord Sugar

Student video goes global through Twitter

FIRST year Advertising and Brand Management students got their latest project to a worldwide audience with a little help from Lord Alan Sugar this week.

The students had been tasked with creating and sharing a promotional video as part of their Digital Media and Marketing Platform unit.

Taking to Twitter to market a link to their video, the students got a personal retweet from Lord Alan Sugar’s Twitter account, sharing the video with his 2.8 million followers worldwide.

Brendan Keegan, Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing, said: “Around 2.8milllion Twitter users worldwide will have had this video posted in front of them and it soon became evident that the number of viewings rose dramatically.

Competing for views

“There were 17,000 views within 18 hours from the Sir Alan’s tweet - some pretty impressive statistics which we have never seen the like of in past video projects like this.”

The original task was to create an ‘Unboxing’ video - a style of promotional video that displays the unpacking of new products by an expert. The whole process is captured on video with a commentary and is uploaded to the Internet so that viewers can experience opening the new product for themselves.

This year, students were set the challenge of unboxing a Kinder Egg, meaning they had no knowledge of what was inside. The teams were then encouraged to compete with each other to get the highest number of views on their YouTube videos for which there would be a prize presented at the final lecture at the end of term.

After they planned and filmed the video the next task was to set about promoting it in any means necessary.

Creative work

The video watched by Lord Sugar featured an animation of a flying cow laying a Kinder Egg, while other videos featured the current Harlem Shake craze and various guides of how to get the toy out of your chocolate egg.

Search the hashtag #DMMP on Twitter to view the many creative pieces of work coming from the students.

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